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Programs & Initiatives

We are called BE! @ because we strive to create programs and initiatives that cultivate the growth of being wherever you exist. We do this through the development of organized solutions and strive to provide them wherever there is a need. To be able to accomplish the things that we do and seek to continue to do, we have to always ask not only ourselves but everyone we meet and seek to work with, "What does it mean to truly BE? What does it means to BE! @?".


Things don't change until we as individuals take the time to see ourselves and acknowledge our own power. Our organization seeks to be a link in the connection to that power and a bridge to the communities not only live in  but seek to grow within.

"Everyone Is Equally Responsible for Changing The World"

Youth Leadership & Development In Focus

BE! @ Community Initiatives believes in developing the voices and leadership of young people. We offer and develop specialized programs that serve as a safe-haven and an alternative to gangs, drugs, and other activities that oftentimes lead young leaders down a path that is often difficult to get out of. We are developing a network focused advocacy, as well as drafting and developing policies and practices to make changes in communities across the country.

We don't want to silence the voices of young leaders but rather strengthen, refine, and broaden them. BE! @ Young Leaders are focused on sharing ideas, creating solutions, and then putting those solutions into action to support the needs of communities and the growth of the governments, schools, agencies and partner organizations.

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Our Mission


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We are committed to helping youth and adults to become the best versions of themselves and we believe proper mentorship can play a vital role in that process.  Our plans include developing an app and framework to pair diverse youth and adults with compatible mentors who can provide career support, additional skills training, and advocacy.

Family In Focus

Family Stabilization Services

BE! @ Community Initiatives’ Family Stabilization Services provide support and intervention services to families who are dealing with unplanned events such as unemployment, eviction, fire, domestic crisis or any other emergent reason such as the need for food and/or clothing.

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BE! @ CI’s community organizing initiatives are at the core of our values. We work to help communities to empowers themselves by working to identify their needs and to resolve their problems in a collective manner. Our process helps communities to develop the confidence and capability of community members to organize themselves.


BE! @ Community Initiatives provides diverse, informative, empowering, and holistic workshops, which focus on resources and opportunities for families and other community residents to meet their goals. Topics include parenting and family life skills, neighborhood development, affordable home ownership, financial management, retirement planning and preparation, entrepreneurship, and spiritual enrichment to name a few.

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Community Garden

One Block.

One Garden. One Farm. 

We’re committed to helping to alleviate the food insecurities of individuals, families, and across communities. The One Block, One Garden, One Farm project is an initiative that seeks to be a direct solution to address this growing need across communities.

Mental Health & Racism In Focus



BE! @ Community Initiatives is focused on bringing resources and leaders together on a national level to create a collaborative and unifying message of healing and transformation that supports the diverse needs and progression of black and brown communities.

An initiative that intentionally focuses first on helping individuals to acknowledge that racism, racial trauma, and implicit bias are real and that not only people of color but all people are and have been experiencing this for generations in diverse ways and throughout diverse communities.

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The BE! Fit & Get Healthy Initiative

A BE! @ Community Initiatives program dedicated to decreasing health disparities among women, people of color, and LGBTQ identified individuals while empowering them through education, resources, activities, and support services. #BeFitGetHealthy

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Workforce & Professional Development In Focus

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Workforce & Professional Development Initiatives

BE! @ Community Initiatives is focused on developing, supporting, and collaborating with community leaders, companies, organizations, and educational institutions to help to advance human skills across diverse communities to better support the global economy. We work to provide training and resources that help to bridge the gaps that are often seen in communities of color and within LGBTQ+, veteran, senior, and disabled communities.


We are particularly focused on developing relationships and programs that create public-private initiatives that seek to target industries where diversity is often lacking and fair wages are rarely at average or above average statistical figures within these communities.

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