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The Courage To Do The White Work to Address Trauma & Systemic Racism - Kickoff Event (via Zoom)

On August 20, 2020, BE! @ Community Initiatives kicked off the Trauma & Anti-Racism Initiative which places Mental Health in Focus. The first event centered around the conversation of mental health through the lens of white people who are doing the work to address trauma, systemic racism, and the active role of that the white community must take as it relates to addressing these issues.

The event was moderated by Rocio Garcia and Tamara Allen, Co-Founders & Board Members of BE! @ CI. Guest panelists included Kelli Underwood (To Be Aligned, LLC), Susanne Fairfax (Community Activist), Dot Lambshead Roche (Race Conscious Dialogues), and Amanda Delheimer (2nd Story & CultureBuilds).

To view the entire discussion click the video below.

As a follow-up to this discussion, some of the resources that our speakers shared with us are listed below.

Recommendations from our speakers:


Articles and videos:


Available Courses for White People Seeking To Become An Anti-Racist

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