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Communities In Focus

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Together We Are The Solution

Within our name is the word "community", and within our communities lies the people who we not only serve, but also seek to serve. Basic needs are the needs of all humans. Whether we care to acknowledge or accept it or not, not everyone has access to equal opportunity. In some communities, simple things like food, water, shelter, clothing, safety, education, jobs, sports, and healthcare are not things that everyone has the privilege of having. BE! @ Community Initiatives was created to not only respond to these needs, but also to address them.


Through our community and national partnerships with organizations like Pull Up Neighbor, Players Alliance, New Life Centers, Gift of Hope, Greater Food Depository, and Phalanx Community Services, we have been able to support thousands of people across the country and oftentimes within marginalized, low-income, and crime-ridden communities. We are committed to bringing these disparities to light, and more importantly, to ensuring that we are a part of the solution so that issues like these one day no longer continue. This cannot be done without the support of the community, organizational leaders, and others who are committed to social justice, systemic reform, human rights, equity, inclusion, belonging, and equality for all.

We're In The Business of Aiding Prevention, Solutions, and Response 

Voter Education,
Registration & 
Voter Engagement

We remain neutral, and we help empower people to use their voice to help themselves and their communities.

Food, Water, Clothing, COVID Resources & Hygiene Distribution

We collaborate with community leaders, organizations, service, and product providers.

Sports, Health, & Wellness Education & Engagement

We work to provide access to sports, healthcare, fitness, and wellness activities. 

Workforce Development, Skills, Equity, & Diversity Education & Engagement

We create content, educational opportunities, as well as open forums for employers and their employees to build, showcase, and grow their equitable, diverse, and more progressive workplaces. 

Emergency Responders. Community Engagers. Partnership Purveyors.

We are thankful for the support of our partners and friends. To date our partnerships with organizations like Pull Up Neighbor, Black Men Vote, and The Players Alliance has led to the distribution of more than 100,000 masks, tens of thousands of hand sanitizers, boxes of food, and other supplies to the communities in need. Thanks to contributions and donations from other supporters. 



BE! @ Community Initiatives

"We Collaborate to Create Initiatives and Unifying Solutions Wherever There Is A Need"


Phone: 1-773-938-3050

Registered Charity: 01-0864505

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