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Be Fit & Get Healthy Initiative


The Be! Fit & Get Healthy Initiative 

A program dedicated to decreasing health disparities among women, people of color, and LGBTQ identified individuals while empowering them through education, resources, activities, and support services. #BeFitGetHealthy

Our Programs

The Kalmese Fitness Academy is a self-improving, science-based, artistically designed, training methodology for all ages! Designed and led by Certified Personal Trainer, Kris Calmese. He has served over 6,500 people through his business, trained over 40 post-op athletes back to 100% participation in sports, mentored many students, and participated in numerous other events and engagements as both an expert and volunteer.

Meet The Team

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Ujo Wadjet

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Wellness Consultant

Veg Fit Founder/

Journey to Weight Loss Lead

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Kris Calmese

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Lead Fitness Consultant

Kalmese Fitness Founder

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Jessica Calmese

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Fitness Administrator

Health Is Wealth.

Our Mission

In many low income areas and communities of color, being healthy can be a challenge when there are a lack of resources. The situation is only compounded when there are no safe spaces or affordable facilities to access for physical activity. Our mission is to bring more safe spaces and access to affordable fitness training, nutrition, and wellness classes to communities of color to support the overall physical and mental well-being of the people who often need it the most. 

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Our Mission
Crossfit Exercise

Our Vision

Our vision is to acquire land and property to develop affordable health, wellness, and fitness training facilities throughout to country that will support the diverse health and wellness needs of communities of color while also delivering access to jobs, certifications, and educational training to individuals who will serve the needs of the people that we serve and support.  

We Need Your Support Today!

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